General Overview of Campground Rules. 


 For further questions and/or details contact the campground office at 440-647-3318 

We would like to thank you for choosing to stay with us.

We hope you enjoy many happy years here at Clare-Mar Lakes.



RV's and sites must be maintained at all times.


One fire ring & picnic table are allowed per site.


All guests must regisster at the front office and pay the required fees, whether daily or overnight. Courtesy passes are not valid on holiday or special event weekends. Courtesy passes are not valid for fishing.


Swimming is allowed at the beach area only during daylight hours. Parents/Guardians must be present and responsible for their minors while swimming.


Pets are not permitted in the beach/swimming area.


Golf carts are to be parked in parking area of beach.


Parents are responsible for the actions of their own children & guests. The management will enforce removal, prosecution or both. No children are to be left unattended. No children are allowed to spend the day, night or weekend without their parents. All children through their teens are to be at their campsite by 11:30pm. 


Pets are welcome in the campground. They must be leashed and quiet. All pets are to be cleaned up after. Pets are not permitted at campground events unless specified. 


We will not tolerate vandalism OR abuse of alcohol OR abusive language. Anyone clearly inebriated will be asked to confine themselves to their camper or they will be asked to leave the park. Alcololic beverages must be contained to campsite. 


Only emergency messages will be delivered to your campsite. Please check at the registration office for any expected messages. 


No ATV's, mini bikes, mopeds or dirt bikes allowed.


No cutting of the trees or vegetation is allowed. Let us know if something needs taken care of.


Garbage must be placed in plastic bags and taken to the dumpsters conveniently located throughout the park. Do not put anything larger than a garbage bag in the dumpsters. No leaves or lawn clippings are to be put in dumpsters. Leaves can be bagged and left at roadside for pickup. Larger items, A/C units, couches, chairs, refrigerators, TVs, mattresses, etc. need to be removed from the park. Please take these out and dispose of them properly. We thank you in advance for helping us keep the campground clean and neat. 




Drivers must have a valid driver's license. Carts must be registered with camping registration. Carts must have headlights and taillights. Carts must have visible site numbers on the front and back. Carts are only to be driven on the roads. Please stay off of the grass areas- This includes the dam. Motor & Exhaust must be kept stock on all carts. 


Proof of insurance must be provided for all carts.




If you wish to pull your unit off site for vacation, please inform the office, so we can mark the site as reserved.


All plans to construct a wooden deck, patio, platform, dock, shed, etc. MUST BE APPROVED BY MANAGEMENT.


All awnings and room enclosures are to be commercial manufactured materials. They cannot be home built (made of wood)


All decks, plaforms, & sheds must be free standing. NO drilling or digging posts in the ground. It is strongly suggested that decks be built in 4 x 8 sections, so that they can be easily loaded and moved if needed. Steps must be bolted or lagged to deck. Railing must be screwed on deck boards. Screws are to be used not nails. There are to be no floating docks. Vertical Posts or columns must support all docks. All docks must be constructed within one single campsite. There is to be no electric power installed on shoreline or boat docks. All boat docks become the property of Clare-Mar Lakes. 


Storage sheds are to be mini-barn style construction, no wider than 8' wide x 10' deep. Side walls are to be no taller than 4' with gable roof. Sheds are to be paced in front of or behind camper or patio. All electric wiring of sheds is to be proper size wire and in conduit. THIS MUST BE APPROVED!


Installation of additional electrical outlets is not permitted.


Absolutely NO electric heaters are permitted at any time.


No lights or A/C units are to be left on at sampsite, in or outside, when you go home. Turn water off at road.


Holding tanks are pumped during the week. Register at the front office by Sunday for that week & pre-pay required fee. There will be no pumpings put on charge. Tanks needing pumped after pumping is done for the week will be charged double.


There must be no less than 20' between deck of camper and shoreline. 


There is a 20 ear age limit on units coming into the park. Only one unit is allowed per site. Tents are permitted on a temporary basis for overnight guests. Tents must be removed upon departure of guests.


We do not allow other dealers to infringe on our business. Any season camper wishing another dealership to install awnings, A/C units, etc. will have to take their unit to the dealership for installation. Other dealers are allowed in for warranty repairs only. If you wish us to do repairs on your unit, a work order must be made out at the RV center.




All sales of units must go through our corporate offices. No "FOR SALE" signs are to be posted other than by management.


Those not wishing to sell through our offices must remove the unit from the park.


Registration fees & campsites are non-transferable.


Even though a unit is for sale, you the owner are still responsible for maintaining your unit & site. Accounts must be kept curent to be listed.


If you decide to leave us and not keep your site, all permanentstructures must be left such as docks, cement pads, shrubs, trees, etc. They automatically become property of Clare-Mar Lakes and stay on site.


We would like to ask our campers not to come to our residence unless it is an extreme emergency. All business shall be conducted in office during regular business hours.